Bird Walks

Sarah and Nathan lead a free bird walk the last Saturday of every month (except December). The locations are determined based on time of year. Nathan also organizes all of the Forsyth Audubon Bird Walks, so if you would like to also join us on the Audubon walks each month here is a list of those dates:

April Bird Walks:

April 8: Audubon Walk @ Bethabara Lower Trail @ 8 a.m.

(note the time changes)

April 24th: Audubon Walk @ Tanglewood Park @ 8 a.m.

May 6th: Wright’s Walk @ Reynolda @ 8 a.m.

* We will still be in Colorado when the Wright’s Walk would normally take place (April 29th) but we have rescheduled it for May 6th! Sorry for any inconvenience! 

 If you have any questions about the bird walks feel free to call:

(336) 765-7823



Photo of a Cape May Warbler from the October 1st Bird Walk:



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