Bird Walks

Sarah and Nathan lead a free bird walk the last Saturday of every month (except December). The locations are determined based on time of year. Nathan also organizes all of the Forsyth Audubon Bird Walks, so if you would like to also join us on the Audubon walks each month here is a list of those dates:

February Bird Walks:

February 9th: Audubon Walk @ Salem Lake @ 9 a.m.

February 23rd: Wright’s Walk @ Tanglewood Park @ 9 a.m.

February 25th: Audubon Walk @ Reynolda @ 9 a.m.

September Bird Walk at Reynolda

Nathan and about 19 other birders had a nice bird walk at Reynolda on Saturday, September 29th. We had about 9 different species of warblers and a Summer Tanager (pictured below).

Here is a link to the eBird checklist:


As some of you may know, we are expecting a little girl on October 22nd, so it is likely we will not be able to lead a bird walk on October 27th!

There will be an Audubon Walk on October 13th, which is also the day of the “Big Sit” (both at Reynolda) and there will be a Monday Audubon Walk on the 29th at Quarry Park.

August Bird Walk at Tanglewood Park

We had a great bird walk this morning at Tanglewood Park. We had around 22 people on the walk and 43 species, some of the highlights included great looks at a Barred Owl, White-eyed Vireo and a Hairy Woodpecker!
I have included a link to the entire checklist, thanks to everyone that came out this morning, we look forward to seeing everyone on the next walk on September 29th!

 If you have any questions about the bird walks feel free to call:

(336) 765-7823




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